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Transfer Game Boy Emulator Save State from Android To PC?

Saturday 06th of April 2013 /
Is there anyway to transfer a save state from an Emulator that runs on Android to an Emulator that runs on PC.Specifically id like to know how to do it on GBCoid. But ultimately would like to know if its possible at all for any emulators.
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FileLinx-Transfer or Print any file from Android to PC via WiFi or 3G

Thursday 07th of April 2011 /
I use Fileinx to send, fetch, or print files to and from my Android to my PC. It works over WiFi and 3G, no matter where I am. Transfers any file type; photos, music, movies, docs, text, etc. No size limit. Unlike other apps I have used, FileLinx is controlled by Android, not my PC. It works on my Droid X and my tablet. It prints most file types on my PC-connected printer. FileLinx prints using any printer that is connected to my PC. I have a network printer and FileLinx works every time. No special drivers. No “cloud” servers. No extra fees for how many pages you print. FileLinx can also access the Android Clipboard. Copy any text in the Android browser to the Clipboard and FileLinx can save it as a file or print it out on your PC-connected printer. I use it with SMSbackup and save text messages on my PC. FileLinx was created by DroidLinx. Setup is fairly straight-forward. After you download the FileLinx from the Market, you go to the DroidLinx website and download the free PC software. They have step by step instructions with video for noobs like me. 3G works through
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sending pictures from phone to pc or flash drive

Friday 03rd of February 2012 /
hi , Im trying to upload pictures from my samsung admire to my pc or flash drive via usb but how do you do it, doesn't seem to work. I also tried different things like just sending pictures from phone to my email but theres no pic attachments. I would like to just transfer pictures from my phone to a flash drive. Any advice or instruction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Frank
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Pictures from phone to PC

Sunday 16th of October 2011 /
I succesfully moved pictures from my phone, and put them in a folder on my pc. " my pictures" . This was awhile ago, so i could not remember how I did it last time. I have taken more pictures sence then and want to move to that folder. I used the motorola media link software, and it deleted all the pictures I took, but did not delete the ones I took, and put in the folder I made. I found in "files" in my phone that there is a file with lots of jpegs, that I cant open. Are my pictures that got deleted in there? How do I recover? Or can I? Your help is needed. The pictures I took are from Didneyland, and the Kids are pissed the phone ate them!
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Stream from Android to PC Music

Friday 17th of June 2011 /
I have much better speakers on my computer, but my computers music is never as organized as my phone's music libraries. I'd like to stream from Android to my PC via bluetooth, wifi, or usb. Any method will be fine.Anyone have any suggestions?Wifi/Bluetooth would be the preferred method.
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send pictures from phone to pc

Sunday 01st of September 2013 /
how do i send pictures from my HTC WILDFIRE S phone to my pc with usb cord
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pictures from camera to pc

Sunday 22nd of September 2013 /
how to I download pictures from my motorola android phone to my laptop?
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Exporting pictures from android to pc

Wednesday 13th of November 2013 /
When connecting my phone to my PC to export pictures it seems to transfer over random pictures of things I may have seen on the internet and things I've never seen before. Wondering how I can get it to transfer over only pictures and videos I have taken on my phone. I am continually having to weed through over 2000 pictures of random things I don't want for about 40 pictures I've taken every time I connect.
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pictures from Android to PC

Saturday 23rd of November 2013 /
I have a Samsung Galaxy SII and am trying to get my photos onto my computer. I can see the photos in the SD card, but the other folder is empty. Plus, when I try to open the .jpg pictures on my computer, they don't open. How can I open the photos? And how do I find the photos that are stored internally in the phone?
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trying to download pictures from phone to PC

Thursday 19th of December 2013 /
How do I download pictures from phone to PC, Casio commando; 3G; C771
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