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Computer won't recognize Droid X while stuck in Bootloader.

Thursday 03rd of January 2013 /
I believe I am at a loss here, and I have looked all over these forums to try to find a suggestion, so I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm repeating information.I have a Droid X running 4.5.621 (or was, at least) and it was rooted. I did not want the root anymore, so I pulled up RSD 5.8 and flashed with a .621 SBF that I found on the internet. I believe it was stable, but I could be wrong. After flashing with RSD, it gave me a big "PASS", ut the phone still said "SW Update in progress..." even after it was done.I unplugged it from the cable about 30 seconds later because the message would not go away, and it rebooted to a "code error" in Bootloader. I then proceeded to do it again, and the same thing happened. Since the .621 would not work, I figured I'd try another ROM and went back to I believe .606. I decided to give it a couple of minutes after the "PASS" and the phone finally restarted. Instead of giving me a "code error" the phone simply says "Service Req'd". tl;dr, My phone has the errorBootloader30.04Err:AE,70,70,00,00ME
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Droid uses while inactive

Sunday 31st of October 2010 /
Hi,I'm new to this forum and it seems like the best place to post, please don't be too harsh on me if I'm wrong.I'm thinking about buying a droid for $200, and was wondering what uses there is inactivated (I know it has WiFi, but can you use it?) I know you can't use 3G or any of that stuff, but I can still use my camera, WiFi, music, etc, without activating, right?I'm just leaving it inactivated until I can grab myself a job and pay for an actual plan.Thanks,Ron
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Wheres My Droid uses system ring, not wmd ring

Friday 09th of March 2012 /
Wheres my droid doesnt use the wmd ring. When I send the attention phrase by text or send it in an email to mynumber @, I receive the text messages but wmd uses the notification sound I have set for regular text messages. In wmd ring setup, I set it for use white noise siren, also tried ring when lost. Neither works, I uninstalled and reinstalled, no luck. When Im stumbling around at home searching for my phone, I call it from the landline. But I am cancelling that line and I know Im gonna leave it in the fridge or on the roof and I wont be able to call it from the land line. If I cant get to work, Im gonna have to cancel the cancellation until I do.Some assistance would appreciated.
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DROID2 Global Gingerbread Info Removed From Verizon’s Site, Could Be a While Before it’s Ready – Droid Life

Wednesday 20th of July 2011 /
The DROID2 Global was poised to get its Gingerbread (Android 2.3) update back in the middle of June, which we were hoping was the start to a massive update schedule for all Moto devices.  As many of you know now though, that never happened.  We were told that the update had been pulled from rollout for not only the D2G, but for other devices including the DROID2 and DROID Pro while the massive bug list that was piling up from the DROIDX’s GB was being worked on.Our report seems to have received a minor confirmation today thanks to one of our readers who noticed that the D2G’s VZW support page has been reverted back to a previous update PDF.  There is no longer a mention of Gingerbread being ready for it and we’re being told that it could be a while.  There is an update for the DX which includes a ton of fixes in the works right now, but it could be until after that clears that Moto and Big Red start prepping updates for the D2, D2G and Pro.We’re also assuming that they will wait to see what happens with the DROIDX2′s update that should hit “so
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i have a droid 2..while using my virtual keyboard it freezes

Monday 16th of January 2012 /
i have a droid 2..while using my virtual keyboard it freezes on a key while typing and the only way to unfreeze is to shut off and turn on. Is there a fix for this problem?the problem is not just the virtual keyboard, it freezes in while texting.
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Droid vibrating while on call

Friday 22nd of January 2010 /
If I am on a call and I get an e-mail the phone vibrates in my ear. I thought while you are on a voice call you can not use data?Any way to stop this? Anyone else experience this?
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stream music from home pc to droid x while driving

Tuesday 08th of March 2011 /
is this possible? i have 40 gb and dont have money for an ipod.thanks!!!!
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Motorola Droid MUTES while talking

Friday 25th of June 2010 /
I have a Motorola Droid and every time I hold the phone on my shoulder when talking to someone they can't hear me. I can hear them. At first I thought I had accidently hit the mute button but that was not the case. Then I thought while talking to someone I would put the phone on the home page while talking. And that didn't work. It is so frustrating. Does anyone else have this problem? What to do?
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[Q] Can you add a custom boot animation to the Droid 4 while using the stock ROM?

Sunday 13th of May 2012 /
I just tried adding a boot animation to the system/media folder but it didn't work (only a blank screen showed up during boot.) Not sure if I did it wrong or if it's just not possible at all.Anyone know? Thanks
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LED Music Strobe for droid, uses LED flash

Thursday 03rd of December 2009 /
Remember the LED Flashlight? MotoTorch? Well, I've written a new app that uses the DROID LED in connection with the phone's microphone, and now the LED acts as a strobe that flashes to the beat of music that the phone hears playing externally. Use it in the dark to add a chill factor to your music.Finally released to the market tonight for 0.99 cents..Search for "LED Music Strobe".There's nothing complex about it, you just push start and let it go, it has automatic volume adjustment. Works best with Electronic styles, Hip Hop, and RnB.Thanks to Chet and others who led all of us down this LED pathway -niko20
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