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Apple CEO Tim Cook Calls OLED Displays “awful” Is Apple Getting Desperate?

Tuesday 12th of February 2013 /
Today Apple’s CEO is in the news once again, just a few days after he blamed a dead man for Apple’s abuse of the US patent system. Tim Cook was speaking at Goldman Sachs’ Technology and Internet conference and he had this to say about his competitors displays vs the iPhone 5:“When you look at displays, some people are focused on size. There’s a few other things about the display that are important. Some people use OLED displays, the color saturation is awful. The Retina display is twice as bright as an OLED display. I only bring these points up to say there are many attributes to the display, and what Apple does is sweat every detail. We care about all of them and we want the best display, and I think we’ve got it. I’m not gonna comment about what we’re gonna do in the future, but it’s always broader than that which can be defined by a simple number.”The first thing that must be said is that Cook does have a point. The iPhone 5 unarguably has a fantastic display. The software may be in a distant second to Android in terms of sharing, customizati
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Phone thinks battery is dead and powers off, then it shows 50% upon restart.

Friday 10th of August 2012 /
My DX2 suddenly sucks for battery life. This morning I took it off ther charger at 100% and used it for 20 minutes looking at twitter. I got the 15% remaining message and 2 minutes later I get the 5% message and it immediately shuts down. I go to plug it in and the larger battery graphic comes up (the one it shows when you are charging it while it's off). And it says 80%. So I unplug it and turn it back on. Once it went through it's boot up and aquired signal and all that, my battery widget shows 50%. I plugged the charger back in and in about 10 minutes, it said 60%.A couple days ago, I left the house with 90% and turned on GPS and navigation. I got 8 miles from my house and it shut down due to dead battery.Is the battery going bad or is something else the issue.Whenever I check the battery usage, it either shows DISPLAY or IDLE as the number one battery user.
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Display is dead

Wednesday 30th of November 2011 /
I have the original Droid which is 2 years old now, suddenly had issue with display today. I see nothing on display. If I call the phone, I hear it ring. I tired powering down, up. I tried removing battery and putting it back. When turned on, the keyboard lights up, the icons at the bottom of the display light up but nothing on the screen. I don't have any warranty on the phone. Is there a way to fix this?If I can't fix it, I am considering buying a used Droid on Ebay. There seem to be lots of them for less than 100. If I get one on Ebay, is it easy to activate it with Verizon with the same phone number and plan that I currently have? I wouldn't want my contract extended though. I am currently eligible to upgrade with a $30 discount but am not ready yet.Thanks for the help.
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samsung galaxy s stopped working suddently and does not turn's totally dead..

Monday 05th of November 2012 /
Hi, I have been using samsung galaxy s mobile for around 2 years.Occasionally the mobile used to get hanged and when i press the power button for 10 seconds it will turn on.But Today I received a message from my friend.just read lines of message in top notification.and I kept my phone in vibration mode and locked it.After some time when i pressed the home button to unlock. no display came.I even pressed the power button for more than 10 seconds but nothing happened. All I Remember at that time is that my android default music player was in pause mode and phone memory was almost full. Just around 50 to 100 Mb free space was there in internal memory(16Gb). what could have was working fine whole day and suddently my phone is dead.. Please Help.. How can i get the display or turn on the phone.. i even tried charging and no charging sound and no charging's totally dead all of a sudden...please help..Regards,Bharath
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My D2G Display is dead.

Tuesday 26th of April 2011 /
Hey Everyone-Okay, so a little background on my D2G:Running Liberty 2.0.1, flashed it with the d2g rommer (using the correct version). No problems since I did all of this about 3 weeks ago.Just now when I slid the keyboard out and transitioned to landscape, the entire screen scrambled. I could make out my background and homescreen icons (kind of), I closed the keyboard and it returned to normal. I tried to open it again, and it happened again. This time when I closed the keyboard the jumbled screen remained... jumbled. I removed the battery to do a hard reset and now my D2G won't turn back on. Or at least the display won't turn back on. When I re-insert the battery and hold the power button, the 4 buttons on the bottom light up (and respond to being touched in that they give haptic feedback). I've noticed the screen with slightly light up and then go completely dark in about 2 second cycles.What to do from here? Rsd/sbf? Any help will be greatly appreciated!UPDATE:I hooked it up via the USB, and the computer found it. In addition, the LED is blinking like I have notifications. Also w
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Looks like we are starting to see why the Nexus 7 is so cheap - Page 3

Monday 16th of July 2012 /
Originally Posted by JesusG90 Same here.. I wouldn't be able to enjoy it fully knowing that pixel is just sitting there... Dead.. Laughing at me Sent from my DROID BIONIC using Android Central Forums Freaky, the pixel is dead, but still laughing I suspect it is only playing dead, and is really a rogue apple pixel, planted there to annoy android users Or maybe even a Amazon fire pixel...ready to get other pixels to protest and display only amazon products I have wayyy too much time to think..maybe because my nexus is still not here
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Display Eating Battery Life

Sunday 02nd of June 2013 /
Hi all My battery on my Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus is draining really quickly. I get less than 12 hours use from being fully charged to dead. The battery usage says that the display is using 70% but it's on the lowest brightness setting and I've hardly used the phone today.Any ideas please? Thanks
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My Nexus 5 is Dead

Monday 02nd of December 2013 /
Was on a call and the call just cut out. The display was hung up on the dialer screen. I powered it off to unlock things, now it won't power up!!! ARGHHHHH!!!!!! Battery was at 20% at the time. Its been on the charger since. No Charging Battery Display. No reponse of any kind from any buttons. ARGHHHHHHH!!!! Anyone else see this, or have it happen to them?
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[Help!] Galaxy Tab 7+ Dead (?)

Tuesday 31st of December 2013 /
My galaxy tab 7+ won't turn on, display is dead. Connected to a charger, nothing happening. Haven't used it for quite a while. The bottom-left corner (screen facing me) is quite warm when connected to the charger, with the rest of the tab rather cool. Tried holding down power button for as long as possible, nothing. It was running rooted stock ICS normally. After some weeks of not using it, it went into this state. Did i just hardbrick my tab? How can i fix it? Will Samsung Philippines be able to service my tab even if it's out of warranty? Thanks!
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Is it possible to put phone into wifi-hotspot mode with screen broken?

Saturday 01st of February 2014 /
Hi guysI just dropped my s4 while it had no case on, it landed flat on the screen. It so happened that glass did not shattered but display is dead. Phone still works, I'm getting notifications and touch work but display is black and even backlit is off. I cant upgrade for next two weeks, I don't want to buy new phone in between and
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