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a2109 USB OTG charging (charging while hosting)?

Wednesday 27th of March 2013 /
My understanding is that the OTG (micro) USB port on the a2109 can't currently be used for charging while it's being used in host mode. (That is, to host peripherals with a host cable, as opposed to plugging the a2109 into a host PC as a peripheral.) BUT some Tegra 3-based machines (Nexus 7?) CAN charge in host mode, with a kind of Y cable (a "host mode cable with power") that you plug into a power supply, if you have an appropriate kernel. (Host mode charging is standardized in the OTG spec, but I don't know if all OTG hardware supports it... maybe it does on other SOC's with OTG, too.)My guess would be that the a2109 could charge in host mode, too, if the appropriate code was included in the kernel; I don't know of any special hardware requirements, and my impression is that it's a matter of the kernel taking proper advantage of the Tegra 3 OTG circuitry that's already there.That would be VERY cool, allowing the OTG USB port plus the HDMI out to be used as a docking port, without depending on any proprietary connectors. IMO the biggest weakness of the a2109 is that it doe
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Preventing charging while USB debugging - One X

Saturday 24th of November 2012 /
I am often using my device to develop, so I'm a little bit worried that the constant charging might fry the battery. Is there anyway to use USB debugging while not charging the phone?
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ViewSonic gTablet OTA Update Adds Adobe Flash, USB Keyboard/Mouse Support, Falls Way Behind Custom ROMs

Tuesday 16th of April 2013 /
For all 5 people who are actually using the gTablet's stock UI instead of a custom ROM that is miles ahead of it in features, ViewSonic released a new over-the-air (OTA) update that finally adds Adobe Flash, along with external docking station and USB keyboard/mouse support and a few other things. The full list, found on ViewSonic's news page, is reproduced below:Adobe Flash support External docking station support USB keyboard and mouse support International cities available in Weather Spanish and French language support Energy saving screen lock The update notification should pop up automatically upon your gTablet's next boot and won't require a wipe, so don't be afraid to flash away.Source: ViewSonic Tags:Adobe FlashAndroiddocking stationfrenchkeyboardmousespanishupdate
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Motorola MB865 (ICS) has problems with keyboard when charging via USB

Thursday 20th of December 2012 /
I have an Atrix2 Motorola MB865 running ICS ios. When I have the phone charging via USB cable (plugged into PC w/short usb cable or plugged into wall on 6' usb cable), the keyboard and touchscreen have issues. This behavior occurred on the previous version running on the Android.1. when typing in characters using the pop-up keyboard, a single key press will yield multiple/random characters. Even using the backspace to remove the extraneous characters causes more random characters in addition to removing characters typed).2. When touching the screen to activate an icon, another icon/app is activated. If everything is done VERY slowly and carefully (doesn't always work), then the correct icon/app runs or a single character is correctly created. Most of the time, on a single key press, I get multiple/random characters shooting across the input box.I have searched for this behavior on google, in forums, etc. without finding anyone else describing the same problem.Any answers/suggestions on correcting the issue?Current Version InformationSystem Version: 67.21.125.MB865.ATT.en.USAndroid Ve
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Is it possible to output audio from the speakers while a Bluetooth headset is connected?

Wednesday 08th of August 2012 /
In iOS, this is achieved by double-tapping the home button, swiping right twice, and selecting the speakers.Can this be done in Android?
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Charging while USB keyboard/ mouse is connected??

Tuesday 07th of August 2012 /
Can someone please tell me if it's possible to charge the Nexus while having a keyboard/ mouse/ game controller connected via an OTG cable & usb hub/ splitter cable?If I connect a male/male USB cable between the Nexus charger and the USB hub, will this charge it, or will it damage any of the items connected?My understanding is that all the items are connected in parallel, and so my theory should work. Then again, I'm not 100% about computer things.Thanks.
posted on: Nexus 7
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USB Keyboard not responding corectly

Tuesday 23rd of July 2013 /
I have a novotech pws700EJ operating on android 4.3 operating system.I bough a mini USB keyboard which is recognised by the tablet however some keys do not produce the correct letters (English UK). Q, W, A and z for example produce the letters as from a French Keyboard.I have changed all input settings to English (UK) and this makes no difference.I also downloaded a Keyboard App "smart Keyboard" selecting it in settings and again selecting English UK this provides me with a UK keyboard on screen but still a French keyboard with the hard keyboard.It is not the Keyboard as I connected by main computer USB keyboard and got the same problem.Any help would be appreciated.
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USB keyboard (Any apps who support this?)

Monday 03rd of February 2014 /
I just bought a usb adaptor for my tablet, and a wireless usb keyboard (and mouse, but thats less important for me) because this was much cheaper than a bluetooth keyboard.But I'm having a bit of trouble. It works, but not without problems, and I figured this might be because some of the apps I use doesn't support it. And the tablet seems a bit confused too. If I plug in the adaptor first, and then the usb dongle/transmitter, I get a notification that the tablet doesn't recognize the usb. But if I take out the adaptor (with the transmitter still in it) and put it back in, it tells me a mouse is connected. In some cases I can see a curser, sometimes I can't. If I already have an app open for writing, I can use the keyboard, but if I tap anywhere, go in and out of apps, or even hit the volume button, the keyboard stops working. And there is also some problems when I hit the spacebar or backspace, like it just continues to make spaces/deletes like the button is stuck (which it isn't, its brand new. I tested both mouse and keyboard on my computer to see if the keyboard was the problem, b
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Galaxy Nexus Only Shows Charging While It's Off....Is it still charging?

Wednesday 05th of February 2014 /
My Galaxy Nexus only shows that it's charging when off....I get it's a common problem....My question is, is it still getting a charge?
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avoiding/preventing charging while USB plugged

Thursday 31st of July 2014 /
I'm on an LG-G2 Mini, Android version 4.4.2... So like, I'm constantly plugging my phone to the PC through USB cable to transfer music, pics for contacts, and such. Problems is every time I plug it in, it obviously starts charging, and I'm afraid I'll ruin the battery life. So what I really need is a way to prevent this charging (having the option to switch it would be good), or another one would be the ability to transfer these files to the phone through the wireless network, I guess. Are there any way (even through apps) that would do either? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
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