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Review: Touiteur A Premiere Twitter Android Application

Friday 30th of April 2010 /
App Name: TouiteurDescription: It is a twitter application so you can communicate via twitter from phone,sending and recieving updates from and to your followers.How it works: Login with any account and it will populate your stream. Add another account by clicking menu and settings, in the settings there are MANY things you can do, from changing colors of accounts to changing the color of the menu bar at the bottom.Touiteur is available on the Android market for free, but you can unlock more features with the purchase of the Premium version.Multiple accounts, with view filtering3 Widgets available for you home screen: 4×1, 4×2 and 4×3Url shorteningIntegrated browser and picture previewMore customization options, such as the light theme, changing the bottom bar color, led color for notifications, custom ringtone for notificationsMore features will be added soon for the Premium version, such as Twitlonger supportOpinion: One of my favorites is the widget, nice big widget if you wish and it keeps you updated. I use it for when I want to view whats going on with my friends
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Looking for a Little Lock Screen Love in all the Right Places

Monday 13th of June 2011 /
Under most circumstances a simple theme can give you that much desired lock screen look you are after. Of course this method usually only applies to those of us that are rooted. The rest of the world will need to use a lock screen app like WidgetLocker or Lock Menu. Those seem to be some of the more popular applications. Although I have used both of these apps, I am personally a much simpler person and will spend entirely too much time changing things around in those apps.I came across developer SunPengfei just last night and knew I needed to share these apps with all of you. He currently has 2 lock screen variations available.  The first is based on the Honeycomb lock screen, it is called Ripple Lock. There is a free version and a paid version available. The free version has ad support on your lock screen, the paid version does not. Take a look at the screens below to get a gander at it: The large circle gives off a water ripple effect as you slide the unlock icon out of the ring. To unlock the device just slide that unlock icon anywhere on the screen so that it exits the large
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changing the theme and unlock screen?

Wednesday 26th of September 2012 /
So I've never had an android phone. Can you set up custom themes and widgets and unlock screen on the razr m or do you have to be rooted to do it?
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Couple noob questions....

Thursday 22nd of April 2010 /
I had a couple questions about the Android OS that I know will be simple for most, but I haven't found clear answers for (and a couple I haven't gotten to yet !!): The backup assistant I have seen it like using SPB Backup on a WM device in that it will save a mirror image of your device (PIM info, apps, configuration.....) or something different? I have downloaded a theme or two to see what they look like and I was wondering if creating a custom theme is as easy as changing the images found in a downloaded one and saving it to the Incredible (would love to make a Doctor Who theme), or if it needs to be rooted or something (If there is a self-skinning instructional post/thread that would be GREAT!!!)? Is it true the new OS (2.1 I think) allows the lock screen to use different gestured (AKA...side-to-side) to unlock, change ringer/mute function....? They are the questions I am dwelling on at the moment, I am sure I will think of more though!!! Thanks for now
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