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Workaround for missing or disappearing App icons and Apps moved to SD

Thursday 08th of September 2011 /
Just found this solution and not sure if it has been posted to the general forums.I use "Apps 2 SD" to save precious space and move things out of internal storage to a SD card. Problem symptoms after doing so : App icons would disappear from folders and the main home screensApps would disappear from the "Apps 2 SD" listing and All Apps listingsSometimes App icons would still remain but clicking on it would throw up an error that the App is not found/installed on the systemAll said icons were definitely related to ones that were moved to the SD card. Unmounting/mounting and rebooting sometimes helps to recover them but not always. In fact, sometimes the reboot will make the generic icon disappear entirely.After much research, I tried out "Apps Organizer", which lets you categorize your apps and create widget folders for the categories. These widget folders can be placed on home screens and are refreshed when the widget is loaded and also when you click on them.So far so good ... powering off and rebooting ... and the missing icons/apps issue seems to have
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Hiding apps or renaming app

Saturday 21st of May 2011 /
Hello,Searching didn't give me anything conclusive...I'm on a rooted ally velocity 0.4 rom with android 2.1I wanted to know if there's an app (that really works) on hiding apps. I don't want to delete or anything just HIDE. Example, I stay logged in on all my social networking apps. I dont want nosy hands just going to the icon and accessing it.Example 2, I have a backup app that I run, last time I misplaced my phone someone tried to change where the backups were sent (SMS backup).I still want the app to function. Or can I just change the name of the app?Any help is appreciated.
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Quick Look at the New Youtube and Photos Apps for Google TV, Update Pushed Last Night – Droid Life

Wednesday 23rd of November 2011 /
Since Google TV was updated to Honeycomb a couple of weeks back, their team promised to continue to produce updates that would enhance the experience. They appear to be living up to that promise as an update popped onto my Sony GTV box last night, bringing with it new YouTube and Photos apps. If the GTV team can produce new and useful features like this on a monthly basis, they’ll have at least one happy customer.  YouTube AppSeems a little odd that the YouTube app would receive a complete makeover in such a short time, but we’ll take it. In this new version, you get playlists from your couch, subscription management, and the ability to add movies to your own channel.New Photos AppI’ll admit that I had yet to play with the photo app before this update, so it’s tough to tell if the UI has changed or not. Google is telling us that they added a featured called “Discover” that pulls from your synced photo albums on Picasa and Flickr to create an animated and constantly changing collage. I’ve captured a collage in the making in the photo directl
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Talkback feature keeping me from accessing Settings and other apps' icons on the same screen

Tuesday 16th of October 2012 /
I just turned on the Talkback feature in Settings to explore its capability. All of a sudden I am in Lesson 1 of the Talkback screen. I managed to get out of this screen eventually. But now I am stuck at the apps screen (the voice say screen 3 of 5; for me its my first of two apps screens) prior to the screen where Settings and other apps are on. I just could not get to the second screen to get to Settings to turn off Talkback and WIFI even after turning off power and turn it back on. Why is it causing so much trouble? What can I do to solve this problem? Hopefully I don't have to do factory reset (if even that is possible). Please help me on this ridiculous problem (or my lack of knowledge). I just can't understand why I cannot slide to the apps screen where Settings is on. Thanks.
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changing icons and hiding apps

Monday 14th of June 2010 /
ive search online and no one gives a straight answercan i change the icons of certain apps? im using Home++ and DO NOT want a different home replacement app so dont suggest another one as a solution and second question is there a way to hide apps in the drawer that i dont ever use (amazon mp3, visual vm, etc.)? i know u can with panda home but once again dont want a different home replacement app
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Grab a free LauncherPro Icons and Docks license while you can [CONTESTS]

Monday 11th of October 2010 /
UPDATE: We’ve reached our cap for this contest. Winners will be notified soon.LauncherPro is one of many Android homescreen replacement apps, and we’ve covered it frequently because it’s so great. To make the app experience more enjoyable, we teamed up with folks at DroidIcon to give away licenses of its LauncherPro Icons and Docks app.The highly-customizable LauncherPro becomes more enjoyable with LauncherPro Icons and Docks, a $1.99 app that makes it easier to find and download icons and docks to use with LauncherPro. Users can save files from Icons and Docks, and then load them from their LP Appearance settings.There are many artists contributing downloads to the Icons and Docks app. Developer Jon F. Hancock had this to say about how users can improve the experience:We have a great community of artists producing really good work, and filling requests from our larger user community.  Make sure you drop by the website to thank those artists, and rate up the icons and docks that you like.If you use LauncherPro, and I’m sure you do based on the popularity of prev
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Google Play Developer Program Policy Receives Update – See Ya Shady Ads, Spam and Deceptive Apps

Wednesday 01st of August 2012 /
Last night, the Google Play notified us that the Developer Program Policy received a sizable overhaul, outlining a future for Android and apps that looks much more polished and a lot less “spammy.” The email provided four bullet points for topics that garnered the most attention, and are as follows:We’ve added clearer details to the payment policy, and guidelines on how we will handle cancellations in our new subscription billing featureWe are restricting the use of names or icons confusingly similar to existing system apps in order to reduce user confusionWe are providing more detail on the kinds of dangerous products that are not allowed on Google Play. For example,…Continue Reading HereGoogle Play Developer Program Policy Receives Update – See Ya Shady Ads, Spam and Deceptive Apps –
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Changing icons and removing labels on Sense? Is it possible?

Tuesday 26th of October 2010 /
I've been a quiet member for a while, absorbing all the android tech info I can. As someone who isn't as technologically savvy, please pardon this question if it has been covered already - or point me to the right forum. I am trying to personalize my evo and my only issue right now are the icons. I so admire the minimalistic icons I have seen on some screen without the text - and wondered if there is a way to do this using the sense program. I have launcherpro but do not want to loose my sense widgets and really like what I have so far. I have better cut, folderorganizer lite, and downloaded some icon packs, but when I tried to change some icons, the change was periodic - about 2 seconds - then it reversed back to the old sense icons. This happened when I tried to change the mail icon. Any help?
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Hiding apps from the drawer

Monday 17th of September 2012 /
My phone was delivered today, and I've spent some time setting up. One thing I haven't figured out yet, and I'm not sure it's even possible with the stock launcher, is hiding apps from the app drawer. For example, I have purchased Poweramp, and my drawer shows Poweramp as well as the Poweramp unlocker. For much of the pre-install bloatware, I've been able to go in and disable the apps. There is no "disable" for the unlocker, only uninstall. (I imagine disabling it would cause Poweramp to revert back to trial mode anyways) Is this a feature that simply isn't available in the stock launcher? I'd like to stick with it if I can, since the Circles widget is pretty nice.
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Any way to increase size of icons and text on app screen?

Tuesday 23rd of October 2012 /
I'm finding the icons and text on the app screen to be too small for me. I've tried changing the font size in settings, but it really only affects web pages' fonts. I couldn't find anything about this in the users manual.
posted on: ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity 700
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