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How to set default Google account for new contacts

Saturday 14th of January 2012 /
I have multiple Gmail accounts set up on my phone. When I add a new contact, there is a button that allows me to select which account I want to set it up in. By default, it says "Google". When I touch that option to change it, it offers me the four Gmail addresses and allows me to select which account to save the new contact under. Which one is my default? They are ALL called "Google" so I cannot tell which one is the default. Also, is there a way to change the default so I can select a certain email address to be the default?
posted on: HTC EVO Shift 4G
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change default google calendar?

Wednesday 11th of November 2009 /
I set up my phone with an old Google account. I now would like to change it, but I am missing something. First, my new Google account is not showing any calendar options on the Droid. I have set everything up on Google. Next, can I make this new Google account my primary without resetting the phone? I am thinking the account has to be the primary one to get the calendar to show.
posted on: Android General Discussions
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Changing Google Account Associated with Google Market

Sunday 05th of June 2011 /
I have found a lot of threadsHow do I change the google account associated with the android market account on my Droid?Change default Google account [SOLVED] - this one did not work for meRemove/change main google accountIs it possible to change your linked gmail account or do you have to do a phone reset - I don't have "Google Apps" in the settings.I really don't want to do a factory reset. I also found RemoveAccGoogle Desire.rar - but I don't know if this will really work.Thanks!
posted on: Android Lounge
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Android - Change Google account on Nexus S

Friday 12th of August 2011 /
Possible Duplicate: How can I remove the default Google Account on my phone? I tried different methods of changing the Google account on my Nexus S, all failed. Did someone manage to do this, without a factory reset?
posted on: google-account
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Google account phone problem.

Tuesday 13th of March 2012 /
The google account I had hooked up to my phone got closed. and now I can't do anything on my phone. Is there anyway I can change the google account from my phone with out returning my phone the the default factory settings?? Please help!!
posted on: LG Optimus Chat
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Change default Google account

Monday 16th of November 2009 /
Is there a way to do it without formatting the phone?I tried to remove the old account and it said a reset was needed.
posted on: LG Optimus Chat
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Unable to change google default account??

Monday 18th of October 2010 /
Hi folksI'm trying to sell my G2 touch, but I'm unable to delete my default google account unless I restore factory settings, which I dont seem to be able to do anymore since I upgraded to Andriod 2.1. Please can someone point me to what I can do to either restore factory settings or delete/change the default google account.cheers.
posted on: T-Mobile G2 Touch
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How to change default google account without a factory reset

Saturday 17th of August 2013 /
I want to be able to change default google account on my Motorola Photon without having to do a factory reset. Is this possible and if so, how? Thanks!
posted on: T-Mobile G2 Touch
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Google Play Store

Sunday 02nd of February 2014 /
How can I change default google account in Play Store?
posted on: T-Mobile G2 Touch
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Change default google account without rooting?

Monday 04th of August 2014 /
Hi, I had to delete my original default google account set up with my Galaxy S5 and re-add it but ever since then it has taken one of my other google accounts as the default. Is there anyway to change this without rooting the phone? Thanks! Owen
posted on: T-Mobile G2 Touch
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