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ANROID System Battery Drain, Cell standby, GSIFF Daemon

Thursday 11th of October 2012 /
Sprint S3 I've noticed that there will be times that under batter settings, ANDROID SYSTEM will use anywhere from 35-70% of the battery, causing it to quickly drain. Resetting, and taking out the battery doesn't do anything. I also cleared cache and it didn't solve the problem. I charged the phone to 100 until the light turned green and that seems to have worked as now the Android system is only using 4%. However, "Cell Standby" is now up to 46%. It's as if cell standby and android system take turns switching on being the greater battery drain. When Android System was the primary problem, I hit the refresh button on the top right corner under the battery setting and it would say, "GSIFF Daemon" which after some research seems to be gyroscope related. I was getting great battery life prior to the latest Sprint update for the phone. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks
posted on: Samsung Galaxy S3
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S3 Battery Drain Thread - 1) False Cell Standby report 2) Standby Drain

Friday 24th of August 2012 /
Hi,I have read many battery drain issues on this forum and many other forums, I have also contacted Samsung directly regarding the issue. The battery life is good when I'm using the phone, the problem occurs everytime the phone is in standby mode. I realise that there are two separate issues going on here;1) The falsely reported cell standby figure, which is not related to the actual battery drain, only the report percentage used for cell standby. This is important because the false report makes it incredibly difficult to pinpoint the cause of an actual battery drain issue, such as in 2) below. For the false cell standby issue SUroot has kindly set up a petition to send to Samsung in the sticky section of this forum. Please see a fuller explanation and sign here; Cell Standby issue - please sign "petition" for Samsung2) An actual battery drain whilst in standby mode. I understand this issue does not effect everybody, but it does affect a lot of people.I have been testing my battery drain each night and the average drop is 6.21% per hour, so 50% drain over the course of an 8
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Cell Standby on Onda V811 eats 80% of the battery?!!! HELP....

Saturday 11th of May 2013 /
Dear all, help is needed since my new Onda V811 can't last for more than 2 hours.... i'v checked the battery Usage, and surprised to found that 80% of my battery is used by cell standby, so, immediately, i activated the Air Plane Mode without any progress... i searched a lot on the net, and reached to the result of deleting the phone.apk, telephonyprovider.apk, dialer.apk, also some suggest to modify and text file ( i forgot its name) from nophone=false to nophon=true.... for me all those procedure makes a sense, BUT the main problem now, to do it, the tablet must be rooted... and i failed to root it... so, it will be a great help to advice me how to root my Onda V811, or how to stop cell standby from draining the battery....Update: i tried the method in the "**New** Root and Full Working Play Store and Google Apps/Root-Explorer" thread, and i put and factory... in the SD Card, and went to recovery mode and choosed update from TF Card the and restarted the Tablet, without any progress!!!Emran Matalka...
posted on: Onda Tablet Forum
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Cell standby is killing my battery

Wednesday 27th of October 2010 /
Since i flashed 1.0.0 my battery life has not been good at all. My battery usage shows that cell standby is the main thing draining my battery. What is cell standby and is ne one else having this problem with 1.0.0. I also applied the blue nex theme test version from blackdroids website, does this theme being a test version have ne thing to do with my cell standby draining my battery so much.P.S. i have tried the battery recalibration and didnt do much for me
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M009F Eken - Cell Standby Problem

Saturday 07th of January 2012 /
Hi , i have android 2.3.3 on my tablet: "Eken M009F" and my battery's live is one hour beacuse i have an application that kills my battery : "Cell standby" , how can i kill this applications to make my battery's life longer?The cell standby is using 80% of my battery , what i can do?
posted on: Gingerbread
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Cell Standby Battery Drain

Saturday 03rd of December 2011 /
Hello Everyone, So I've spent the past few days with the Marquee and I'm growing less enamored with it. I did the typical battery tweaks but the phone is still barely able to make 12-15 hours before the battery gives up the ghost. Surprisingly, the 700 nit display isn't the power hog (it actually seems to be sipping power). It's cell standby. Drilling down a level, it's showing 30% Time without Signal. Given that I have an Airave at home, I cannot imagine it's actually a signal problem. Seems like this is a common problem on Sprint's Android offerings, but I've never had this problem on a GSM phone, so I'm hesitant to simply ascribe it to the TwoS bug in Android. I downloaded "Network" and determined it's properly configured to only seek out CDMA towers instead of trying to ping WCDMA/GSM towers first. Anybody have similar experiences recommendations how I can fix? I appreciate the help.
posted on: Sprint LG Marquee
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Cell standby uses all the battery? Really?

Sunday 14th of October 2012 /
This camera has no cell radio, and on top of that I tried putting it into airplane mode, and cell standby still shows as accounting for almost all the battery drain:Hopefully, this just means the stat is totally bogus, not that Nikon shipped a version of android that spends all its time desperately attempting to talk to a nonexistant cell radio :-).I found this google bug report:Issue 17497 - android - Wi-Fi only tablets - Cell Stanby using battery resources on Honeycomb - Android - An Open Handset Alliance Project - Google Project HostingI'm betting the same problem happens with the even older gingerbread shipped on the camera.
posted on: Nikon Coolpix S800c||
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Battery Drain with Cell Standby

Tuesday 10th of January 2012 /
Hi all, I just got the SGT 7+ (P6200L) and, for now, plan to use it only as a tablet not a phone. I have noticed that, right out of the box, the battery was drained so quickly (last for less than a day of very light usage). I checked "Battery Usage" in Setting menu and found that "Cell Standby" is taking 70% of battery usage. That is very stange since I didn't even have sim card installed. Does anyone has the same problem or know how to turn off cell standby feature? I've read the review from serveral website that this tablet has a very good battery life. I wish it could last 2-3 days in tablet mode without charging.
posted on: Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus
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Cell standby..... - Page 2

Wednesday 18th of August 2010 /
Plus you have to realize that 50 % of 42 min is not that much. On little use I almost made it to two days before I was down to 20 % and plugged it in. My cell standby is usually around 20 %. So I wouldn't be to concerned with cell standby being 50 % of your battery after only 42 min. Plus you have to know that 90 % is somewhere between 90-99. I leave GPS turned off all the time after learning of that problem they found about the GPS, see the post Aminaked put the link for. Also if you have Wifi at home you will use less battery power being connected to that than your phone trying to search and keep 3G signal.
posted on: Droid X General Discussions
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cell standby battery drain when i dont have 3g support on tablet

Thursday 28th of November 2013 /
hi there, the battery monitor app is showing huge proportions of the battery drain attributed to the cell standby, i have stock jellybean.i found many references to this problem on the web. my issue is however that my tablet has only wifi, no cell hardware. is this misreporting by the app, or are there parts of the cpu that still use juice for cell standby , when there is no cell hardware? thanksf
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