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Cant find APN on my phone

Wednesday 13th of October 2010 /
Hello to all; I bouth BH2 thru ebay and has been working find, I actually like the camera, I'm want to use the internet connection from another carrier TELCEL and in order to do so I need to go and change the APN, that where the issue is : I go to Menu-> Settings -> but I cant find Movile Networks, what is wrong?? I have been using the Wifi, but I want to go out of my house and continue connected to the internet, plz if there's someone how could help me? Regards
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Cant find photos to move to PC

Wednesday 29th of September 2010 /
I looked through the first 5 pages and didnt see this thread. I want to move the pictures from my X to my pc. When I connect it, I cant find the pictures in any of the folders. Am I just looking in the wrong place. Any help would be greatly appreciated.J
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Computer cant find samsung drivers - help?

Sunday 15th of January 2012 /
Ok, so I've been trying to unlock and root my nexus but im having some issues with my computer not recognizing my phone through usb. My phone shows that its charging and has all the usb options but when I look at my computers device manager it just says android 1.0 device. I tried installing the samsung drivers (a couple times actually) using the one click root kit by WugFresh but for some reason my laptop still cant find the drivers. With this in mind, does anyone know the default install location and/or name of the samsung drivers? I tried searching my harddrive for samsung but I had no such luck. If I could set it up manually with the device manager I think it might work I just dont know where to look.
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Won't connect to my router via WiFi

Monday 31st of August 2009 /
My HTC Hero can detect my router, but when I try and connect nothing happens. The dialogue box pops up asking for the WEP key, I put it in but nothing happens. The router and phones wifi works though because I have another pc connected through wifi and I went to mcdonalds and it managed to connect to their hotspot.Ive tried 64bit wep, 128bit wep, wpa/wpa2, ive also tried it disabled along with the routers firewall disabled but nothing seems to work. My router is a Belkin F5D8636-4Any thoughts?
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Just received my new kindle fire and I cant find a password

Monday 23rd of April 2012 /
Just received my new kindle fire and I cant find a password XXXXX NTGR_mlhQ router. Help
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Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 cant find any networks in the house.

Friday 06th of January 2012 /
Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 cant find any networks in the house. other wifi units have no problem finding aviable networks.Optional Information: Make: SamsungModel: GT P7500Already Tried: Factory resat the tab. Maked new Samsung account.installed network key like on the other units.Tryed to update firmware. Not possible to connect to server.
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cant find downloaded zip or rar files on sd card

Friday 22nd of October 2010 /
I havent been able to find the zip or rar files my phone downloads (or at least I think it has downloaded) on my phone through the Browser app.THe very first time I tried this it worked fine. i downloaded a zip file from filestube and it immediately showed up in the notification bar that it was downloading. When it was done i clicked the notification and i unzipped it with androzip or something like that. Worked like a charm...But now i have tried many times, and i never get any confirmation that any download has begun in the notification bar or anything. The only thing that leads me to believe that some download is actually taking place is that, for instance, if iam downloading from megaupload, if i click the download button 2x it will take me to window saying that "this i.p address is already downloading a file".But i cant find any evidence of this on the phone? I have looked through all the folders on the sd card, but no luck. Any advice here? or anyone with a similar problem?
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Can't find cisco router through Wifi

Tuesday 14th of September 2010 /
Hi, my Xperia x10 can not connect to my cisco router, it can't even find it, the router is fine, and so is the phone since I've connected it to other routers, and that router had several phones and laptops connected to it. I'm using Android 2.6 kernel. Anyway this can be fixed please? Thanks in advance.
posted on: Sony Ericsson Xperia X10
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handscent mms through wifi

Friday 07th of June 2013 /
i had da handscent beta on my coolpad and i was about to send mms through wifi and i have an LG Motion now with handscent beta and i cant send mms through wifi... plz i need help asap
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Cant find the things I saved in SD Card

Wednesday 26th of June 2013 /
Hi All, I cant find the thing I saved in my SD card through my phone.. anyone knows how to find? Please Help!! Thank You!
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