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sync - How can I control which apps are able to use the data connection while roaming?

Friday 17th of August 2012 /
I am planning a trip to abroad and need to use my Android phone while roaming.But i couldn't disable all data roaming because i need my company emails.So i want to disable WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Play Store and etc; except Exchange.Is there any way to achieve this?
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Where can I store Droid videos and photos to create more space on my phone?

Friday 12th of March 2010 /
My Motorola Droid is 90% full of videos and photos. I Do Not own a Desktop or Laptop computer but can use the local library...My question is, where can I store these photos and videos so I can retrieve them later if necessary? I may want to keep some of them. I don't want to spend hours posting things on free photo/video hosting websites that could close without warning and then I would loose the data. I do have a youtube account where I've posted videos, but I think it would take too long to download all the videos on my phone to youtube.Can I buy some type of Solid State Storage Device and transfer the photos and videos from my Droid to the Storage Device? Any suggestions of what I should buy, approx cost and from where? I'm not a computer geek. I do know how to surf the net and do simple things on the computer.Thankyou.
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localization - How can I get Google Maps on Android to show metric units?

Wednesday 30th of November 2011 /
Google Maps always shows me distance values for direction results / navigation in miles, although it does show me a scale on the map itself in metric units. I rather prefer to get my direction distances in metres/kilometres. Is there any way to achieve this in Google Maps? I searched a bit for this and suggestions seem to be to change locale in Settings > Language and Keyboard. Mine is currently set to English UK.
posted on: localization
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keyboard - How can I set the locale and language?

Monday 07th of March 2011 /
How can I set the keyboard and language in Android, and how can I add more languages to the device?
posted on: localization
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How do I set my Atrix (AT&T) to use 2G only

Wednesday 09th of November 2011 /
How do I set my Atrix (AT&T) to use 2G onlyAlready Tried: Settings/Wireless networks/Mobile Networks No option for use 2G onlyI am roamed on to a Network with Edge only
posted on: Android Devices
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Can't find Google Maps and Google Plus on the market (web one).

Friday 15th of July 2011 /
Guys, I can't find Google Maps and Google Plus on the market. I thought it's the phone so I installed market enabler, still nothing.I'm now online, on the web market, and I still can't find them, all filters are off. Can you find them?Can you think of anything about why I'm unable to find them even with the web market?
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App that can import google maps saved route to use as turn-by-turn navigation

Tuesday 22nd of March 2011 /
I built a driving path containing several destination points using google maps and would like to use it in a turn-by-turn GPS navigation app such as iGo.Any existing app/s that can achieve that?Thanks.
posted on: navigation
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Can I set Google Maps and Navigation to use Metric units?

Friday 30th of July 2010 /
I don't want to use this primitive Imperial system. How can I evolve my phone to use Metric units?
posted on: Android Applications
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Google Maps and Navigation don't search contacts

Wednesday 15th of May 2013 /
Suppose I've got a contact named John Johnson, and I have his home address in his contact entry. If I go into Google Maps and type "John Johnson" in the search box, it won't find him. If I go into Navigation and type "John Johnson" as my destination, it won't find him. They'll find businesses with "Johnson" in the name out on the 'net, but they won't find the contact stored in my phone. I know I can go into Navigation and see a list of contacts to select John Johnson and navigate to his house, but that's kind of silly. Especially when I'm driving, and all I want to do is, in S-Voice, say "Navigate to John Johnson" or in Maps, hit search, then hit the voice button and say "John Johnson" so I don't have to type it and drive into a tree. Am I doing something wrong? Is there some magic invocation I have to do to get it to search my contacts?
posted on: Samsung Galaxy Note 2
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Google maps and navigation on an X2?

Thursday 28th of November 2013 /
I'm considering buying an X2 but I need the google maps and navigation to be fully functional, does it work on an X2? I've read about problems with low memory.thanks
posted on: Samsung Galaxy Note 2
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