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Can anyone explain (in lame terms) what android phone is

Thursday 27th of November 2008 /
I am still trying to learn and get a new phone but I wanted to get some information on what exactly an android phone is and how it differs from other phones and phone types. Thanks
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I can't find a theme help

Saturday 22nd of October 2011 /
I just bought a theme and I can't find it on my phone please help!!!!:confused:
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Can anyone explain why tablets don't have data services?

Saturday 29th of December 2012 /
Is it the Carrier or the manufacture that's the problem? I need a new tablet. I need one with Data service other than wifi....(yes I use my tablet other places than just Starbucks!) I liked the new Galaxy Note 10.1....they call it their "flagship" model...but no Data service? WTF? Why do they put it on the cheaper tab 2 10.1 and not on the better Note 10.1? Isn't data service an upgrade? I'm stuck with verizon so my only choice for a 10 inch is the Samsung Tab2, Ipad (puking) or the moto Xboard (no thanks!) ......anyone know where I can get information on upcoming tablets dropping on VZW with Data service? I can hold out a bit longer with my Xoom but the sooner the better!
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Can anyone explain to me how Google Sky works?

Wednesday 13th of January 2010 /
It looks like an awesome app, but seems very complicated. I opened it up and it moves all around really crazy as I'm walking around.Can anyone just explain to me how this works? Are these real pictures of the sky?
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Android Forums - View Single Post - New to this rooting business... Can anyone baby me and help me do this?

Wednesday 09th of January 2013 /
Hey thereThat's partially true, it's safe to back up your files but not needed. Is your E4GT on the latest ICS build? 4.0.4 modem FI27If so, you can follow this method: that link, download the 1 click utility, that also WON'T delete your data as well. vJ92to64That's a video walk through on how to root from QBKing77 (same method I used and very easy as well). Using this method, you won't lose any data on your phone. DS
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Can anyone explain the cropping box on the Galaxy S3?

Thursday 06th of December 2012 /
Ok I just got my Galaxy S3 today 4.1.1. I have a question with the cropping, when i go to crop a picture in my gallery for a wallpaper the crop box pops up. But there are two little "wings" that almost make it look like its plus sign? Anyone think they know what the difference is between this and just the standard portrait crop tool?Thanks
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Can anyone explain my GNex battery issues?

Thursday 26th of July 2012 /
I use the extended battery, which used to get me through the day easily. But lately, this is what my battery looks like after only 6:45 of use: Photo Album - ImgurCan anyone explain why my battery is dying so rapidly? The screen wasn't on all that much, and when it was, I have my background and many of my apps set to use a black background so as to use as little pixel power as possible. Still, the screen claims to be the main culprit. Is it possible that I have a defective battery, (or worse) a defective device altogether? Is anyone else having battery issues that are THIS bad? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!-TB-
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hi, can anyone explain sanei n90 (aka m9701?) update method to me in clear english

Wednesday 25th of April 2012 /
I've tried toj update bit the instructions i got from mcbub were a bit vague. They said 'release livesuit.rar & google driver.rar to pc'? I downloaded, opened looked for but couldn't find these files. If anyone knows what to do & can make it simple enough for a dummy like me to understand I would be very grateful. Ps are thete any problems with this upgrade. It came with ics 4.0.3 indtalled & mostly works fine, but bciplayer breaks up after a few minutes and many apps say 'incompatible with this device'. I just want it to work fine. Basic stuff & games is all I use it for. Thanks to anyone who can help.Sent from my M9701 using Android Tablet
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Can anyone explain?? plz...Theme help??

Monday 09th of April 2012 /
Extracting the ROM and packagesOnce you have the ROM you'll need to extract it so you can work with the correct packages. I used a zip file extractor to extract the ROM and also to extract the and framework-res.apk packages which are located inside this ROM.This is a post from the theme guide, I put this exact method to use and nothing, I did it with out the extra zip, and got somewhere. I am running windows XP sp3, It's a Dell Dimension 1100, home edition. Have done everything like rooting or setting up ADB with SDK, wireless control and lots of other stuff.Here's the weird part... I downloaded the apktools zip and unziped the folder and its a java run time thing. Any ways nothing happens. so I got apk Multi-tools from this guide and it tells me no adb?? press any button to continue... Yeah I go along with the prosess and hit 25, then 1 (where I put SystemUI). Then 9, and it put the files there like it said. I then minimize/close (done this several times now), like it said i put them back RIGHT were the were... Hit 11 for COMPILE and WHAM!!! NOPE!! lol it says
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Can anyone explain this!?

Friday 13th of September 2013 /
Got any "Can anyone explain this!?" Questions? Post them below. When I wake up in the morning, I have my phone connected to WiFi. Go to work, turn off WiFi, and run on 4G. Get home, turn on Wi-Fi, and both Wi-Fi and 4G lte icons stay lit for up to hours at a time. I thought it is supposed to be one or the other Can anyone explain this?
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