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Facebook wont uninstall

Tuesday 01st of March 2011 /
Anyone know how to uninstall this stupid app, I down loaded it off the market, now there is no uninstall option that I can see..Under running programs the uninstall option is greyed out...This is not the facebook for HTC Sence....
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Armor For Android

Monday 08th of April 2013 /
Has anyone had a chance to check out the new app "Armor For Android" I downloaded it yesterday, and was wondering if anyone has yet to make any comments on it, please respond
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AT&T releases infamous “Mark The Spot” app for Andriod

Wednesday 23rd of June 2010 /
Got an Android phone on the AT&T network? Dropping more calls than a man in the Sahara? If so, you can now head on over to the Android Market and download the “Mark The Spot” app. This app, originally made for frustrated iPhone users who have data and voice issues, is now available on the Android platform. While not the most exciting app in the world, it’s still a good one, and allows users to make their voices and complaints heard when bad service rears it’s ugly head. If you’re interested in checking it out, head over to the Android Market and do a search for “Mark The Spot”. Thanks to everyone who sent this in! For more information on Android and the current Android mobile phones, check out our Android Guides AT&T releases infamous “Mark The Spot” app for Andriod
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Just purchased google cloud storage for Andriod DNA phone and

Just purchased google cloud storage for Andriod DNA phone and I dont understand how to save information to cloud. My phone is full and cant buy anything else...Optional Information: Computer OS: MacWhat have you tried so far?: Going on line and reading up...I try to buy music and it says no stoage available
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Styletap releases Palm OS emulator for andriod

Monday 16th of July 2012 /
Are there any old Palm OS fans still out there? I used to be a huge Palm fan back in the day. Still have my old Palm V These guys finally released a emulator for Andriod so you can run all you old palm apps. However the lisence is super expensive for me...
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Ghost Armor for Incredible - Special Price!

Sunday 23rd of May 2010 /
Don't know if you know of Ghost Armor, but it's awesome! It's a complete full body skin, that protects like no other. The military uses this stuff on helicopter blades,and jet wing tips.Right now,they are offering the full body kit for the price of the screen protector. Check out the videos on the site - hittin' it with a weedwacker, a drill, keys...etc. This stuff is awesome,and for a full body kit for $14.99 - you can't beat it. Normally $24.99!Here's some videos: Videos - Ghost Armor | cases, screen-protectors, shields, skins, covers, armorHere's the product: HTC Incredible Ghost Armor - HTC - HTC Incredible - Ghost Armor | cases, screen-protectors, shields, skins, covers, armorIf you use coupon code 20090325 - you'll get 10% off too! Check it out - order it - you can't go wrong! P.S. - They make it for the Moto Droid too - but at $24.99 for full body.
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HELP! bodyguardz armor for Galaxy S3

Thursday 23rd of August 2012 /
I just bought a bodyguardz clear armor for my S3 and i was appalled by the quality of the protector! I've ever bought the skinomi ones for my Transformer Prime tablet - keyboard dock only - and I could stick it almost flawlessly and it looks beautiful with a smooth sheen Recently I got some discount coupons for bodyguardz so I thought I could try theirs for my S3, but I am seriously regretting now!Now my phone looks so disfigured! It looks so hazed and there's patches and winkles everywhere even after 2 days of letting it to cure! Can anyone let me know if there's anyway that I can salvage it? I don't want that 30 us$ bucks, incl shipping, get washed down the drain!
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Installed Gmail App, now it wont uninstall

Tuesday 28th of June 2011 /
I installed the Gmail app but quickly decided it didn't work for me (does not synch with non-gmail accounts); so I'm going to try K9 but now the Gmail app wont uninstall 100%. I tried to uninstall from Settings> Applications> Manage Applications and although it did say it uninstalled and the icon is gone from the list it’s still in the app drawer and I can click on the icon and the app will still open. How can I delete this all the way? Or is there a way to add my comcast email to my Gmail app? Also, I rebooted the phone and still the icon appears in the apps list and launches when I tap it.
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armor for andriod won't uninstall

Wednesday 27th of November 2013 /
how do i uninstall armor for andriod from my admire samsung phone, i tryin to uninstall and it won't allow me ...please help me
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armor for android intrusion

Tuesday 29th of July 2014 /
Thank you for advice and guidance. Always spot-on! Armor popups are non-stop, the ones that say I might 4 viruses, click ok, blah blah. I went to settings to uninstall In case I had installed without realizing. The app does NOT exist under that name. Why do I have the popups (only in the past week) and how do I block them? Thanks so much.Tom
posted on: Samsung Galaxy S3
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