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app2sd - What is internal and external storage?

Friday 20th of July 2012 /
My phone said that the Golf 2 app is moved to the SD card.In the app info section I have the following choices:Force stopUninstallMove to internal storageIs internal storage the SD?
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Need Help Understanding Internal & SD Card Storage

Tuesday 07th of February 2012 /
I'm new to Android. Until today I've been installing apps wherever they default to, and have been wondering why "Manage Applications" shows some of my downloaded applications as being "on SD card". It's dawned on me that the phone seems to have two separate internal storage areas, one of which is called "SD card" even tho' I had not yet added an SD card. Today I installed a 64GB SANdisk external microSD card. I want to start moving applications to it. But I'm seeing things I don't understand:The phone's "Settings-->Applications-->Manage Applications" shows:Device Memory: .97GB used and 1.00GB free.USB storage: 5.2GB used and 6.3GB free.App2SD 1.0 shows:On Phone: total=1.97GB and Avail=.95GBOn SD card: Total=11.5GB and Avail=6.29GBApp2SD+ 0.9.3 shows:On Phone: 373MB/110apps and Free:976MB/1.97GB.On SD card: same as App2SD resultsApps2SD doesn't show usage and capacity, just lists of apps that can or can't be moved.Can someone please explain:What are all the distinct storage pools in an Android (Sprint: Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch) phon
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device says emulated primary storage.

Monday 05th of August 2013 /
I am using a huawei ascend phone. I am trying to use app2sd and when i try moving the apps to the sd card, it says "the device doesn have primary external storage or the primary external storage is emulated" im clueless and dont know what to do. Im trying to downlaod few aps and games , it seems there is no much space availing on the internal storage. I have quite a lot of space free on the sd card. But not able to do a thing about it. A little bit of help here?
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Samsung Galaxy Core GT-i8260 external

Saturday 28th of September 2013 /
Hello guys, this is my first post and let me start off by saying that I am new to this android stuff. Ok so I've got the android phone mentiond in title. I am looking for a way to move apps to external SD card, I have tried few things but none of them work. In the end,when using Link2Sd app, I get a message: ''App2SD is not supported by your device. Because your device has a primary external storage which is emulated from the internal storage. You can link the app in order to move its files to your SD card.'' By the way I have rooted my phone( I guess) using Framaroot app 1.6 (with Gandalf option) and it was succesful, I have Superuser, but I have no idea what to do next. Any ideas?
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Moving apps to external SD

Saturday 02nd of November 2013 /
What about the file system is preventing me from moving my apps via standard methods (native, App2SD, etc.)? Any methods easy to implement? Attempted GL to SD with no luck.I have number of programs that do not have the option of pointing to storage beyond their installed drive. Very inconvenient when trying to point externally.I am rooted, internal is filling up with games, and have a Class 10 UHS-I 64GB card sitting woefully under utilized.
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Link2SD/ App2SD help

Wednesday 01st of January 2014 /
Hi, my LG Optimus F3 (LG MS659) won't work with link2sd/App2sd combo. What I mean by this is that whenever I try to set the install location on link2sd, it says "Warning: App2SD is not supported by your device. Because your device has a primary external storage which is emulated from the internal storage. you can link the app in order to move its files to your SD card". Does this mean that Link2SD won't install apps to my external drive? if so, how do I remedy this? I set up my external SD card with a FAT32, ext2, and a swap space. Thank you all for your help!
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