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Droid Razr AP Fastboot Flash Mode (S) (Boot Failure)

Saturday 25th of August 2012 /
Hi everyone,I have a Droid Razr (Not Maxx)and it is NOT rooted. I was taking pictures with it and it turned off on me. When I turned it back on, I got this message: AP Fastboot Flash Mode (S) (Boot Failure)0A.74eMC Info: Size 16GBTo return to normal mode-first press power key to power downDevice is LOCKED. Status Code: 0 Battery OKOK to ProgramConnect USBData Cable Invalid CC HAB (DD: nbr, status: 0X0056) I want to know if it's possible to to get my pictures and videos out of my phone in this condition. I did not use an SD card. Any help would be great. Thank you in advance!
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AP Fastboot Flash Failure Droid Razr

Sunday 11th of November 2012 /
So I have about 9 more days before I am charged for the phone and it is bricked, or so I think. It was rooted with an eclipse ROM of ics and i was having a lot of problems. So I stupidly called Verizon and had them send me a new phone. Now I have the new phone and have to send the old one back. I read on some xda forums that by using RSD and a stock rom, it would un-root the phone and set it back to warranty state. Well after flashing "VRZ_XT912_6.5.1-73_DHD-11_TA-3_1FF_02.xml" I am now stuck with a screen that has:AP Fastboot Flash Mode (S) (Flash Failure)0A.66Device is LOCKED, Status Code:0Battery OKOK to ProgramConnect USBData CablePlease Help Me!!!!
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little tiny Update - Page 2

Monday 29th of October 2012 /
Good Afternoon. I am rooted on the Droid Razr Maxx HD. This morning I downloaded the 0.7.2 update and click install. The phone went to the AP fastboot flash mode screen and game an error of: Failed to hac check for recovery: 0x56, Fastboot reason: Boot failure. I tried hard reset and soft reset with no luck. I can turn the phone back on, but it will shut down automatically into the fastbood screen again. I have RSD lite installed, but don't know if I can push the files directly to the phone and maybe fix it that way, Please Help
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fastboot reason: flash failure?

Thursday 21st of March 2013 /
so i recently updated to the latest update for my razr maxx hd. i tried going back to the previous version because i noticed that my rootkeeper didn't root my phone and i think in doing so, might of damaged the boot process and now i keep getting the AP Fastboot flash mode screen every single time i reboot my phone. i have to press power, up and down volume to select "normal startup". is there anyway i can fix this little problem? or maybe i'm just doing something wrong. can anyone please help me out? i also found out that it's not possible to downgrade and so i'm forced to wait for a new way of rooting my phone. =/ can somebody help me out please? thank you so much!btw, i used Droid Razr Utility 1.82 (option 1) to try and downgrade and after this, the problem it possible to use RSD and restore the original flashboot files?
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AP Fastboot (Flash Failure)

Sunday 17th of March 2013 /
AP Fastboot Flash Mode (S) (Flash Failure)0A.74eMMC Info: Size 16GTo return to normal mode - first press power key to power downDevice is LOCKED. Status Code: 0Battery OKOK to ProgramConnect USBData CableThe above happens on my Droid RAZR every time i restart or boot my phone. Need a simple way to resolve this. I'd also like to update to the newer software that was recently released via OTA and preferably keep ROOT privileges.My current System setup is:System Version6.16.211.XT912.Verizon.en.USModel NumberDROID RAZRAndroid Version4.0.4Baseband VersionCDMA_N_05.11.01PLTEDC_U_09.11.0Webtop versionwt-3.0.0Kernel Version3.0.8-g29cf5e7hudsoncm@il93lnxdroid54 #1SMP PREEMPT Thu Jun 14 15:22:48 CDT 2012Build number6.7.2-180_DHD-16_M4-31If you need any more info, let me know.I am currently able to boot into the OS and use all normal functions of the phone by holding (Vol+ and Vol-) when turning the phone on and selecting "Normal Boot" via the bootloader.
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My Droid RAZR will not charge

Saturday 02nd of March 2013 /
Here's my sad story, and I don't think there's a happy ending (but I'm hoping......)My factory refurbished RAZR (sent to me by Verizon in Nov. 2012 after I had returned 4 or 5 - don't remember anymore - defective HTC Rezounds) has stopped charging. Initially, it was charging erratically. Now it won't charge at all. The charging icon appears as though it's charging, but the percentage either stays the same, or drops. It's slowly dying. All of this has transpired over the last 3 days.I'm using an OEM charger. Same thing happens with car charger (Rocketfish brand) and with my husband's Bionic OEM charger. It won't charge via USB/computer (white light flashes for a moment, then goes off).Last bit of info: last night, when I plugged the phone in to the OEM charger in the off chance it would charge again, I got an AP Fastboot Flash Failure screen saying the device was locked, and to unlock, I think it said just press Power button, which I did. Don't know what kind of piece of the puzzle this is. I'll say right here that my phone is not rooted - I am not tech savvy.I'm out of warranty (boug
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Lost IMEI after resurrecting crashed Droid Razr now on 6.16.211

Sunday 23rd of September 2012 /
Hi guys,Ok so i screwed up this razr big time, while i was installing an ics leak it failed to finish and i got stuck on AP Fastboot recipe failure. So what i did was i popped open the cover applied direct current to the phone's battery and then attempted to use Droid razt utility to get the razr back up. this failed, so i hunted down the razr fastboot files and used RSD lite 1.7 to fix the issue. well that kinda worked. the razr was not showing up properly in RSD, i was still able to flash but it looks like its done a separate partition. Dont know how. I still get fastboot failure restarting and have to manually trigger normal startup mode. it also lost the IMEI when i did this. how can i fix both the fastboot issue and IMEI from this point forward???
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AP Fastboot Flash Mode (Boot Failure) [Battery low]

Sunday 01st of July 2012 /
I used droid razr utility today, and was mid flash when the battery died, now i get the Boot failure, but cannot run Utility due to the low battery, And the battery appears to not charge. Any Ideas?
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Motorola XT910 Boot Failure

Thursday 15th of August 2013 /
hello, My phone is bricked. i was on jb and i rooted. then i tried installing a rom but it messed up and i went into bootloop. i tried restoring to 2.3.5 using dropid razr utility and now when i try booting it says "Ap fastboot flash mode (s) (boot failure)" my battery is fully charged and its ok to program. i also cannot get into recover. when i try to get into recovery i get the same error. i need help and i dont care about my root or anything. i just want to be able to text and make calls again! please. any help would be very much apriciated! its a motorola droid razr xt910
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Stuck in AP Fastboot It says Load kernel (boot) failed Fastboot Reason: Boot Failure

Wednesday 11th of September 2013 /
Hi allWell I bricked my phone and I'm stuck in AP Fastboot. When I try to start the phone (boot it up from off) It gets as far as the M logo then enters AP fastboot or it might even go directly to fastboot.What I was doing: I was trying to use Matt's Droid RAZR M utility 1.20 option 1 to go back to stock 4.1.2. That's when my problems started. I had nearly 70% battery when i started (now it says "low battery"). Phone set up: Droid RAZR M 4.1.2; Rooted; Locked bootloader; Safestrap 3.12 and backed up; stock slot was still stock and ROM slot 1 was running Eclipse Custom ROM. To be honest I cant remember if i was back in stock ROM slot or ROM slot 1 when I attempted to use Matt's Utility. And I didn't uninstall Safestrap nether prior to using the utility. Don't know how much those factors played into causing my problem. What I have tried: I have tried RSD Lite 6.1.4 with files from the Droid-Developers SBF web site. But i keep getting this fail message, "Failed flashing process. 1/19 flash partition "gpt_main0.bin" -> Phone returned Fail." I have
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