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Is there a GPS app that works well and doesn't use a ton of Data?

Saturday 31st of December 2011 /
I need to use GPS for my job and am a current iPhone 4 customer thinking of getting a droid phone.I currently use the TomTom GPS app on iPhone and it uses very little data. (I use it all month and only end up using about 300 MB a month)I was wondering before switching if Droid has a good GPS app similar to this in the way that it won't kill my data plan but also works well?
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Anyone find a flashlight, LED app that works on the Warp

Sunday 13th of May 2012 /
I read, and read how we have to root our phone and then use rootdim to get our LED FLASH to work as a flashlight. I had to do this on my last phone. I am really not ready to root. I do not have any reasons to except for the LED LIGHT. Not enough for me to root my phone, void my warranty and run into problems as I did before. I know I can do it, but for an LED ??? NAH !'Anyone find a flashlight app that will also work the LED ? Let me know. Thanks.
posted on: ZTE Warp (N860)
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New To DNA Is there a Tethering App That Works?

Thursday 07th of February 2013 /
FoxFi worked fine on my S3 but it wont seem to work on the DNA any tricks or another program that works? Thanks in advance!
posted on: Verizon Droid DNA
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looking for a CAD app that works offline on Nexus 7

Tuesday 05th of February 2013 /
Anyone know of a CAD app that would work offline on a Nexus 7? I don't own any devices, still have a dumphone, but if I could do basic 2D CAD without an internet connection, I'd buy the Nexus 7 tomorrrow. I've looked at the Google play store, and the descriptions and reviews are vague and inconclusive, so I am looking for someone who has done it. Thanks for sharing
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Is there a Bible app that works without an Internet connection?

Sunday 06th of March 2011 /
I use the You version of the Bible which is great. However, if you lose your Internet connection, or on a plane, you have no access. Is there a Bible app that actually downloads it? Thanks in advance for your advice.
posted on: Google Nexus 7 Tablet
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In search of a Terminal App that works with SSH to AWS (EC2)

Tuesday 23rd of October 2012 /
I have the itch to try and see how far down this path I can get for my own work. I've got a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and a Bluetooth keyboard.I created an AWS EC2 Micro Instance and I can SSH into it from my laptop. I copied the key to the tablet and when I try to run the same SSH I get the error: ssh: Exited: String too longHere's a post where someone seems to be having a similar problem. I'm not specifically using dropbear, that I know of, though. I've tried 3 or 4 different Android terminal clients and all seem to have this same problem. I do have busybox installed, so maybe it's using dropbear under the hood -- I just don't know.I have been able to connect using ConnectBot and the ssh key file downloaded from AWS, but the UI/UX for this app is horrible and unintuitive, and if this is my only option then I'd give up. It seems to be designed for phones, has no landscape orientation support, and only connects to the EC2 instance intermittently.I also tried creating my own key files (ssh-keygen -b 2048 -C GTab -t rsa -f id_rsa_gtab on my laptop) and installing them on the EC2 instance &
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Anyone find a flashlight app that works

Tuesday 31st of August 2010 /
using the led of course anyone??
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Anybody find an OC app that works?

Friday 18th of November 2011 /
Anybody come across an oc app that works since the update? Ive tried a couple but none have worked. Just curios what this baby can do at 1.4
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Anyone got a BT kit that works?

Sunday 08th of July 2012 /
I have been trying to get my Galaxy Ace 2.3.6 with to work with a Motorola HF850 and it's not quite there.I installed Cyberion Commander and that works with the wired headset. Push the button and it asks for a command, listens, recognises and calls.When I pair and connect with the HF850 I can answer calls from the car kit, hang up and re-dial from it. So it seems to connect to the phone.When I press the voice dial button on the HF850 Commander starts even if the screen is dark but I can't hear it and it can't hear me - so it doesn't seem to connect to the dialler. (I can't hear anything form the phone either)Is anyone successfully using a Bluetooth car kit with this phone? If so which one please?RegardsBill
posted on: Samsung Galaxy Ace
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I can't find a chess app that...

Thursday 24th of June 2010 /
I browsed through some of the chess apps, but couldn't find one... ...that lets me play with a friend on a turn by turn basis, without us both having to be active. I want to make a move, then a couple hours later (after my friend has moved) go back and make another move. Similar to how WordWise works. Anybody?
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