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Blank screen on Superpad

Thursday 24th of March 2011 /
Hi, Having a problem with my new superpad. I've had it about a week. It was working just fine, except for the new update ( I believe it is v8 #2752) It is a little squirrely, as it wants to freeze up and have to do a reset about three times a day. But that's not my problem. I found an option on the main screen that said "new widget". Under that it said "control". I pressed it. Along the top l/h corner it had 4 icons. One of them was a symbol like maybe a brightness control. I thought cool. I can change the brightness without going to settings. When I pressed it, the screen went blank, and nothing I do will bring it back. I've tried reset (the one on the bottom). Then when I turn it on, the ANDROID screen comes up, but after it loads, I get a real quick flash of perhaps the main screen, but then blank again. I know things are working, because I can here the wifi "bing" when I get a new email, and when I touch the screen I get a buzz, like I have selected something.Is there a master reset that I can do, like holding certain buttons down? And would that wip
posted on: Gome Flytouch II
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Screen Unresponsive! Is my garminfone fubar?

Monday 19th of September 2011 /
I've had my garminfone for a month or two now, and while i realize it's a dead-end product, I'm still happy with it as a first android phone. However, recently the touch screen is not responding at increasing intervals. It could be the lock screen, or the home screens, but suddenly, the screen will not respond to commands. It has now started doing it to call screens as well. A master reset did NOT solve the problem, and if anything accelerated the issue. Any ideas? Additional Data:On occasion, on the home screens if you press the screen it'll indicate all the way at the bottom of the screen, even if you press near the top.Only apps on the phone are facebook, gmail, CNN, and smart keyboard trial.I don't recall dropping the phone, but my memory isn't perfect.Thanks in advance for any ideas y'all might have.
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Any suggestions? Internal storage space running low after rooting

Monday 06th of January 2014 /
Hi...I was thinking about my original problem (as seen below) and thought that the following might help to solve this problem:1) Un-root my phone to the original system apps2) Do a "Factory data reset"Any suggestions?-----------------------------------------------------------ORIGINAL PROBLEM:I am currently using a Samsung Galaxy GT-I8190 (S3 Mini) running Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 and I rooted my phone in order to get more internal memory to my disposal. (FYI, i also have the Recovery-Clockwork-Touch- on my phone when I rooted it)It worked, but only for a little while. Then the memory started getting full and pops up a "permanent" notification to say that the storage space is running low.I have an app installed by the name of "Clean Master" and I frequently clean the "junk" files (cache & residual files) on and clean it at the advanced side too, so there isn't any unwanted apps or empty files laying around on my device. I also do a 'memory boost' to get an extra bit of RAM, but nothing helps to clear out the internal memory space.I al
posted on: Garminfone
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