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How to transfer your contacts from iPhone to Android

Tuesday 09th of April 2013 /
The iPhone and Android are two of the world’s greatest mobile platforms. Despite the huge chasm between the two and the perpetual war between die-hard fans from both camps, one can easily be tempted to presume that phone data on an iPhone and Android cannot be shared from one to the other, or vice-versa.But, of course, that’s an easy misconception to make. Many types of phone data can be shared between iPhone and Android. In this guide, for example, you’ll learn how to transfer your contacts from iPhone to Android. (For a visual walkthrough, check out our video guide at the end of this post.)Manually sharing contactsThe iPhone’s Contacts app allows you to manually share contacts — one at a time — to another device. Open the Contacts app and select a contact. From the contact info page, scroll down and select Share Contact. You can share the contact either as Email or Message.Sadly, you can only share one contact at a time. It would take some time if you have hundreds or thousands of contacts to be shared.There are other methods, though, that allow
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Android How To: Add/Remove Contacts from the People App

Tuesday 05th of February 2013 /
In Android 4.0, the Contacts app was renamed the People app. It also brought a brand new UI and some other changes as to how to do different tasks within the app. With many people getting upgraded from Gingerbread to ICS or higher, either by an update from their OEM/Carrier, or by purchasing a new phone. We thought it would be a good time to go over how to add and remove contacts.How to Add a Contact1. Open the People App2. Tap the ┬áicon3. Select the account you want the contact to be saved under (this way it’s backed up to your Google Account).4. Fill out all the information you wish to add5. Once you’re done with step 4, tap done.How to Remove a Contact1. Open the People App2. Scroll down to the contact you wish to delete3. Tap on the Contact4. Tap the Menu button5. Tap the Delete option6. Tap “OK” on the confirmation dialog boxIt’s just that easy to add and remove contacts in the new People app. Not to hard or different from earlier versions of the Contacts app in pre-Android 4.0 versions. The screens may look a bit different on your device if you ha
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google - How to erase all contacts from an Android phone?

Friday 16th of July 2010 /
How to erase all contacts from an Android phone?There are about 3200 contacts.The full storyI don't manage my contacts with Google Contacts, but with another tool that can export to the VCF format.The first time I imported my VCF file into Google Contacts, my Android phone synced and got all contacts, perfect.After a while, having new contacts, I exported to VCF again, and imported again to Google Calendar. All contacts got duplicated on the phone.I removed all contacts using Google Contacts web interface in Gmail, and re-imported, but contacts get duplicated every time.I just want to start from scratch, remove all contacts, and import from my new VCF file.
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Importing birthday info from the People app to the Calendar app

Tuesday 16th of April 2013 /
Is this possible on the Nexus 7? I imported all of my contacts data from my PC Windows Live Mail Calendar to the people app on the Nexus 7. For which ever contact has a birthday recorded, it does appear in that person's contact info within the "People" app on the Nexus but I can't figure out how to import all of those individual birthdays from those multiple contacts in the People app to the Calendar app on the Nexus 7.
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How to Copy a pic from the web to my HTC Evo Shift

Thursday 11th of August 2011 /
I am new to the Android OS and am upgrading from a Palm Pre. I have no idea how to copy a photo from the web or FB mobile onto my Evo. I have tried holding down on the photo like I would to set a photo as an icon but that does nothing. I've also tried hitting the "Menu" button at the bottom of the phone hoping that it would give me the option to save the photo and still nothing. Is there some special button combo I need to use? Like on the Palm I had to hold the orange button and "C" in order to copy a photo to the phone. Any help would be much obliged, Thanks.
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How to add more page in the application screen

Sunday 25th of December 2011 /
I just bought a Samsung Galaxy S2 not long ago, then i dunno how to add more page into the application screen... Can help pls???
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How to add contact groups from the phone?

Friday 13th of November 2009 /
Ok.... I can add groups from my google account via the internet, and then view and send to them with a free app called "Handcent" but how can I add, edit, delete or manipulate contact groups from my phone?Going to the browser would be very slow and tedious.
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How to add / remove words from Swype in Samsung Galaxy S II

Friday 11th of November 2011 /
Hi everyone,I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 with Android 2.2.3 and Swype love using Swype, but it doesn't let me add or remove words from the dictionary. I've read many people have the same issue, but I can't find a solution. I tried to uninstall the application but it's not possible. Is there a way I can update it? How to add / remove words from the dictionary if the traditional way doesn't work?I appreciate any hints.
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How to transfer my contacts from htc wildfire s to my PC

Wednesday 02nd of October 2013 /
How to transfer my contacts from my HTC wildfire S to my PC ?
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How To develope Chat Conversation from the start with Eclipse ?

Wednesday 02nd of April 2014 /
Hi there,i'm new in here..and i want to ask u.. if u have any example code of how to build chat conversation from the start build in eclipse, may u show me because i'm try to build one of that application....i'm want to ask about how to inviting people to the chat room, or how to add people to be the contact in our app, how to see how many people still online in our app, how to broadcast the send message to our chat room in our app, and how to create admin which can invite or kick people in that chat room..Thanks before !
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