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Does GO Launcher EX drain battery?

Sunday 28th of August 2011 /
Does the go launcher drain you battery faster also what app can i download to to view these forum sites on my phone thank you
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Leaving GPS on

Sunday 22nd of April 2012 /
I have a couple of locater apps, Where is My Droid and Lookout. I set these up a long time ago, the thing is I usually have the GPS off to save battery life. But if I leave it off I think there locators lack the ability to turn the GPS back on. I have Tasker and on my old phone the Droid 2 I believe i had a Task set up so that when Where is My Droid or Lookout came on it would turn on the GPS. But if i did that Task didn't get move to my Nexus. So how much of a drain will leaving my GPS on have on my battery. Or is there a work around. Thanks for the input.
posted on: Samsung Galaxy Nexus
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Leaving GPS On?

Saturday 23rd of March 2013 /
Does this drain the battery if you leave it on at all times? Or is the Android system smart enough to only have it in use when it knows you are actually using it like Navigation and other things?
posted on: Samsung Galaxy Note 2
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Consensus: Will leaving GPS ON consume more battery life?

Friday 09th of July 2010 /
I understand the effects of leaving 4G, BT, and even 3G for that matter, ON can consume more battery life. However, what's the consensus on GPS. I have it OFF and turn it ON every time I'm using Google Navigation, etc. However, this is getting quite annoying. Will GPS really turn "off" itself if an application is not using it? I heard that the HTC Sense Weather widget will use the GPS for its refreshing and just that alone will affect battery life. So what is the final verdict? I feel we've had plenty of time to test our theories by now.
posted on: HTC EVO 4G
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Does the gps on a Vi40 elite work without internet access?

Monday 20th of August 2012 /
I have installed sygic satnav on tablet but cant get it going without internet access, does this tablet actually have a gps module?
posted on: Onda Tablet Forum
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Does having GPS on use data?

Saturday 27th of November 2010 /
I'm watching my data usage and just got the Droid Pro. I have widgets that need a GPS signal (weather ones) to operate. Usually I have my GPS off, but I turned it on and now the widgets work and I'd like to keep it on for these widgets but I don't want it to use data if thats what the GPS does. I already have my 3G disabled unless I need it.
posted on: Motorola Droid Pro
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Jury Finds that Android Does Not Infringe on Oracle Patents

Wednesday 23rd of May 2012 /
Chalk up another win for Google and Android. Today, the jury in what a judge called the “longest civil trial” he had been a part of, decided that Google did not infringe on Oracle’s patents. This marks an end to a painful process that saw the likes of Andy Rubin and Larry Page take the stand to defend their use of Java in Android.Feel free to cheers your phone this afternoon at happy hour.Via:  CNETCheers duke69111!…Continue Reading HereJury Finds that Android Does Not Infringe on Oracle Patents –
posted on: Android News
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GPS apps drain battery after Froyo

Friday 29th of April 2011 /
I have a samsung fascinate which just got upgraded to Verizon's Froyo. Since then gps app that rely on frequent polling of the gps sucks the battery dry. Google Maps and SportyPal (cardio trainer) drain my battery within 2 hours while using the apps. This was NOT a problem with 2.1 Any ideas on why this is happening or how to fix it? Could it just be the intensive need for gps coordinates that cause the cardio apps to suck the battery via the gps? If so, why wasn't this a problem on 2.1? Thanks in advance...
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Consensus: Will leaving GPS ON consume more battery life? - Page 2

Saturday 10th of July 2010 /
Originally Posted by AldousSnow I have my GPS off, but my weather updates based on my mobile network (sprint satellites). It's not exactly accurate as the GPS but it gets close enough. Just to be clear, Sprint doesn't have any satellites. Your voice, 3G and 4G signals travel to and from antennas attached to land based towers.
posted on: HTC EVO 4G
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Consensus: Will leaving GPS ON consume more battery life? - Page 3

Tuesday 13th of July 2010 /
Originally Posted by AndroidOne Yes and no. The FAA has ruled against the use of cosumer location devices on-board commercial airplanes, that includes phone integrated GPS receivers. This has nothing to do with interference with the plane's navigation equipment, but rather for security reasons post 9/11. Regarding potential navigation equipment interference with cell phone signals, there is a significant amount of debate among proponents and detractors of the cell phone ban, but little concrete unbiased data in support of either possition. I am a jet-rated pilot and have flown as PIC or second on my A/C as well as multiple others including military/private jets. My personal observation over the years is that I have yet to find any noticiable communication or navigation signal degradation on any onboard radio equipment attributable to the use of GSM/CDMA phones on the plane. Gsm phones really mess up the garmin g1000
posted on: HTC EVO 4G
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